Marek Maciej Citak
was born in Muszyna (Beskid Sądecki).
He graduated from Comprehensive School of Art in Zakopane (Cabinet making) and High Pedagogical School in Cracow (Faculty of Humanities). His main fields are: drawing, sculpture and painting.
"...I believe to be an artist not afraid of revealing my enchantments. I eagerly return to tradition, to my roots, to my homeland. Through my art I would like to express that we would be lost in the world if it was not for the key that we take from our family home. I do not search for originality or formal innovations, I do not have a province complex. I want to be faithful to my homeland, to respect and promote it. What I value most is the workshop and everything that includes tradition - placed halfway between Beskid Sądecki, where I was born, Zakopane, where my artistic sensitivity developed, and the plains of Mazowsze, where I live and work."

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